Aluminium Security Entrance Doors

Aluminium Entrance Doors

The entrance door is not just a form of direct access to the inside of a building, but also serves as a first glimpse of the inhabitants’ character. Why not create high-quality individual designs with entrance doors.
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Energy Efficiency

The heat stays in and the cold is kept out. Entrance doors from Schueco provide thermal insulation that already meet all the legal requirements of tomorrow. The potential energy savings can be fully utilised thanks to the interplay between the entrance door, windows, sliding units etc. The result is lower energy costs. And a commitment to climate protection.



A thermally insulated entrance door guarantees a comfortable room climate whatever the temperature outside. The heat is kept inside the house during the cold season and outside during the summer. In this way, you save on expensive energy for your heating and air conditioning unit – whilst also making a contribution to climate protection. We guarantee you the highest insulation values whatever the weather. Our door thresholds also shield you from discomfort caused by driving rain and draughts.



For energy-saving entrance doors, a thermally insulated door threshold forms the seal with the floor. It prevents expensive energy losses and offers reliable protection against driving rain and draughts in the floor area. We offer different threshold options that can also be used for easy access living due to the minimal installation height.





Protected day and night. With Yakaza, security is not just a feeling, but a certainty. Through innovative technology that cannot be seen, but can be felt. Through automatic closing and monitoring systems. Through entrance doors that you can equip to fully meet your personal security requirements. We offer locking systems and fitting options to customise your new entrance door to your own personal security needs. 


The security range includes locks with 1-point, 3-point and 5-point locking so that the degree of burglar resistance for the entrance door can be selected according to your own security requirements. How well your door is protected against attempted break-ins depends crucially on the type of locking and the number of locking points.





You can forget a key, but not your own finger. Opening the door with your fingerprint is just one of the many ways you can increase comfort. From electrical door openers to automatic closing systems and radio controls, Yakaza Metal offers system solutions that can be integrated into every home and increase its value.






Visible individuality – even before you enter the home. Yakaza Metal Doors gives you the opportunity to combine the shape, colour and fittings of the entrance door in accordance with your personal requirements. Our numerous design options allow you to give the heart of your home a stylish and contemporary look. To lend every building an unmistakeable style: your own.



A visually perfect door design is created by combining coordinated door frames, leaf frames and door infills. The door infill, integrated in the frame of the active door leaf, is the most important styling element with which you can lend your dream door a distinctive design thanks to the variety of colors and shapes.

Yakaza Metal offers an almost unlimited selection of colours:

from anodised surface finishes, to RAL and metallic colour coatings and sand-blasted structural effects. 

There are almost no limits to your creativity when planning a new entrance door. Select the perfect solution for you from our wide range of door infills. Three design options are available: framed infills and leaf-enclosing door infills on one side or both sides, also called mounted infills. The advantage of leaf-enclosing infill types is that the large appearance of the door leaf makes the entrance door seem wider and more elegant – an important design element when renovating narrow entrance doors. Selecting a mounted infill on both sides not only widens the external appearance of the door, the internal view of the whole surface also ensures a generous appearance.

DOOR PULLS: There is a wide range of door pulls, push handles and push bar handles.

All of the handles are of the highest quality, stylish and extremely durable

DOOR HINGES: Door hinges have to bear the entire weight of the door leaf, guarantee durable and reliable operation and look good at the same time.

Our doors hinges meet these criteria supremely well.



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Black Color Aluminium Doors
Black Color Aluminium Doors
Black Color Aluminium Doors
Black Color Aluminium Doors
Black Color Aluminium Doors
Black Color Aluminium Doors
Black Color Aluminium Doors
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