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Large Glazed Aluminum Windows

If you have a house with sea view or similar views, AluWinDoor large glazed aluminum windows are just for you. Thanks to its large windows, it gives you control of the whole view and makes it feel like you are next to the view in your home. A unique refreshment, a healthy and airy environment, The innocent, peaceful and happy sounds that birds emit from the sun, reflecting the sweet sunrise directly to your home in the morning, the clouds slowly and firmly floating in the sky. You can feel and experience all of these beauties clearly and with pleasure thanks to the large glass windows. It also optimizes your lifestyle by pulling the exterior into your home. You can experience peace by watching the silence of the city at night, the reflection of the lights carried by the streets, the meaningless peace of the star-filled sky and the peaceful state of darkness.

Features of Wide Glazed Aluminum Windows

EPDM can purify air pollution and rain deposits that may come from outside with its air, water and dust sealing wicks. It contains 25 glass fiber reinforced polyamide thermal barriers. Wind, weather, rain water tightness made in Germany-Rosenheim test Laboratory. performance tests and insulation tests have been successfully completed.

Why Wide Glazed Window?

Large glazed windows are architectural elements that allow our homes to connect with natural light. They combine indoor living spaces with outdoor spaces and create a smooth transition. If you live with a view or in a position in nature and you have a house with this view, the windows integrate you with the beauty of the landscape and nature. For this reason, wide and large window designs turn homes into a much healthier, more spacious, natural, bright home that benefits from the outside world and benefits from daylight. People want and live what is right for them, and while doing this, psychology is a very important element. The windows reflect the environment so beautifully that they give you the chance to forget all the stress, sadness, morale and other negative factors you have experienced throughout the day and focus on the next day. While producing AluWinDoor products, it also attaches importance to comfort. Because the company focuses on customer satisfaction that comes before its products.