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Ensuring the security of Currency exchange cabins, bureaucrat buildings, Banks and all other under protection places against the increasing and rapidly spreading terrorist, robbery and assassination attacks in the world we have overcome has become an inevitable situation. It is obligatory for people to be in a safe places.  We need to provide safety measures in this developing, growing, globalizing and wars world. We can solve our buildings, workplaces more reliable, livable, safer and more peaceful with Bullet Resistant Windows and glass products.

Safety chain can be completed with Bullet Resistant Windows made of bullet proof profiles with the same feature.

Aluwindoor produce Bullet Resistant Windows from specially designed bullet proof aluminum profiles which is supported by Bullet Resistant steel plates in the inner channels of aluminum profiles. By looking from outside, it does not look different from normal aluminum window systems. Since it is not understood to be Bullet Resistant Window, it has an aesthetic appearance.




A bullet fired on bulletproof glass will pierce the outer layer, but layered polycarbonate glass material prevents the bullet from absorbing its energy and coming out of the last layer.

In the armed attacks coming from the outside, Ballistic Glasses can pass through the inside, although no lead can pass. In this way, it enables the armed aggressor from inside to be defenseless to be able to respond with a gun. No bulletproof glass has these properties.

In a fire in a place where standard bulletproof glass is applied, people cannot break the glass and go out. Loss of life in a fire can lead to major disasters.



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