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Bullet Proof Window Manufacturing

When a bullet hits a bulletproof window, its energy spreads sideways through the layers. Because this energy spreads between different glass and plastic parts, creating a large area and is rapidly absorbed. The shell slows down so much that it no longer has enough energy to penetrate, or it does too much damage if it does. Even if the glass panels break, the plastic layers prevent and stop them from flying. If you think of bulletproof glass as energy absorbing glass, you can get better ideas.

How Does a Bullet Proof Window Work?

In other words, glass and window with high impact resistance. Bulletproof glass-window facilitates employees' product exchange and communication, while creating a protective barrier. Windows and glass facades are the weakest points of buildings in armored buildings. For this reason, security design is one of the most important parts during construction. Bulletproof glass windows and bomb proof glasses provide ballistic protection, but the frames in which these glasses are placed are as important as the glass itself. Each component must be meticulously assembled during the construction phase. After all, these glasses will save life and save the day.

Where is it used?

AluWinDoor prepares products with international quality standards in many areas other than housing. Bulletproof glass windows are used in many areas. Law Enforcement Departments In Financial Institutions Accommodations Military Armored Vehicles At Military Bases In the Locations of Senior State Employees Security Huts And it is used in other community venues.

Intended Use

In law enforcement departments, the premises of high-level government employees, military bases, security cabins, the first measure to be taken against a possible threat or the first stage of repelling the threat is bulletproof glass-windows. This precaution is to stall the threat. These bullet-proof windows mounted on military armored vehicles protect the soldiers in the vehicle without violence due to their high impact resistance. The bullet-proof glass-window barricades in the lobby of the accommodation places both take the future threat to the blind spot and can take the employees or customers behind the barricades into the safe area. Since the main purpose of production is to prevent loss of life, AluWinDoor continues to do more than what it has, leaving behind elements such as insecurity or anxiety as it appeals to most audiences.